Year: 2020

Medium: sticker collage on foamcore, series of 4 acrylic paintings on MDF-board

Size (height x width): main piece 1 m 75 cm x 1 m 36 cm, paintings 80 x 60 cm (2 pieces), 50 cm x 50 cm & 33 x 24 cm

Blankets and soft toys are the most common examples of comfort objects, which provide young children with psychological comfort. Also referred to as transitional objects, they are used during the period of childhood when the child becomes less dependent on the mother and stops viewing themselves and the mother as one being. During this anxiety-inducing stage, the child seeks comfort in the object.

It is a common and natural habit for humans to seek comfort, especially in times of stress. The need for comfort objects is often not limited to early childhood, and many prefer to keep their beloved teddy bears or blankets even as adults. During adulthood, we sometimes come to find other things that provide a similar kind of comfort. These can be a pet, a specific food that maybe brings back memories from your childhood or perhaps an item of clothing that once belonged to someone important to you.

I have always had a habit of storing and surrounding myself with objects that in a way, provide me with comfort, and make the space around me feel cosy and familiar. Since childhood, I have collected stickers and regularly put them on almost everything I own. This is the reason why I turned them into a collage in the form of a large soft toy bunny that I had as child and which still sits on the shelf of my storage closet.

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