Year: 2020

Medium: installation of video, mural and series of 12 mixed media paintings

Duration: 1'00'' loop

Size (height x width): installation 2 m 55 cm x 7 m 55 cm, paintings 50 x 40 cm (4 pieces) & 50 x 60 cm (8 pieces)

Nowadays, individuality is the name of the game, but at the same time there are countless similar ideas being thought by people unbeknownst to one another. Authenticity gets more difficult to define, and we are forevermore affected by everyone else while still trying to find our own voice. In art, there are unique masterpieces that borrowed elements from other people’s art and were built upon the material of the past. Yet, is there some isolated part of us that can bring forth an unthought expression into this world that has seen it all?

External influence and inspiration work as placeholders for our own authentic creations, and sometimes what we borrow from others can eventually become a crucial part of ourselves. We piece together a collage identity by absorbing influence from others, and in turn, other individuals can take something from us. This ongoing process is the basis of my artwork portraying an individual amongst a sea of abstract streams where pieces of creative identity are being provided and taken away by reaching hands.

Placeholders combines mural painting, video and mixed media paintings installed on a seven-meter-long wall in a dark space with blacklight. Various digitally created, moving patterns are projected and mapped onto the wall paintings and a fragmented face glows in the middle – a puzzle-like human being that is nonetheless clear and vivid, becoming the sum of their parts and more. The tabula rasa is no longer empty, and we never cease to become something more.

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