Year: 2018 – 2020

Medium: installation of photographs and video

Duration: 1'50'' loop

Size: various sizes

‘’We use the language of ethics when people accuse us of taking advantage of someone we have used as a subject in our work.’’
- Howard S. Becker

The question of privacy in the name of art has been an on-going topic since the early 1900’s. When we are documenting someone’s journey and life story how do we know where to draw the line between art and invading personal space? Are we creating a story to justify our beliefs in the name of art or are we really taking advantage of someone? Do we question ourselves when creating our works?

Storytelling has been one of the key ideas in art and especially in the field of photographing. We not only create stories but we also want to explore people’s personal lives and problems through creation. Even though we have the ‘’approval’’ from the subject themselves but still how do we honor the story without violating privacy.

In my works I want to study moral ethics of documentary photography when following another human’s life. Do I cross the limits and disturb subject’s personal space just to create something? How can I tell a story through contemporary art?


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