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Year: 2020

Medium: installation of video, music, sounds and space

Duration: 1'55'' loop

Explore the total awareness of the space, the sounds and the serenity of your mind with no physical or emotional stress. Forget the pressure of time and get inspired to take control of your own mind with the strength you gain from colors, sounds, smell and movements around you.

Pasithea was a goddess of rest and relaxation from Greek mythology and here her figure dances and spreads her power of relaxation to you. The artwork is an aesthetically relaxing space to reduce the stress of the hectic mundane life. The sensation of freedom has a relationship with three things: serene design of space, digital art, and sounds. Visual art, music and serene space develop together, one feeding the other, to come to life and breathe. The aim is for the viewer to stop for a moment to view and reflect, with any response to the space.

My driving force behind the installation is an enduring interest in art's relation to health; the way over time art manifests an emotional response and affects not only our minds, but our overall well-being. Pasithea is an ongoing experimental project that, in a practical way, is finding the methods to work through the responses of the audience.

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