Virtual Gallery / VR Gallery is a virtual experience designed for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, presenting artworks of graduating students and letting users look, interact and experiment with art in a virtual space. It is a way for traditional art to exist and develop in new media formats, such as VR. It has the possibility of adjusting for future uses and becoming a long-lasting opportunity rather than a one-time showcase. 


Virtual Gallery was created for TAMK’s 2020 fine art students’ degree show Atomic Jungle. As the Degree Programme in Media and Arts is oriented towards emerging technologies, we wanted to create an additional 3D virtual world for the artworks, learning to use and develop VR content together. Virtual Gallery was developed and built with Unity by a team of Media and Arts students of different study paths.


Due to the coronavirus situation, Virtual Gallery was exhibited from a screen instead of using a VR headset at the Atomic Jungle 2.0 exhibition in Himmelblau Gallery, Tampere (7.–29.11.2020). VR Gallery is also available online, allowing the exhibition to last forever in different digital forms: it is available for download for those with personal VR equipment (HTC Vive), and a video version of it is available for those without.

The Virtual Gallery workgroup consisted of Žygimantas Bačkus (music composing & sound design), Barbara Jazbec (design), Annika Korhonen (3D modeling), Tiago Mazza (design) and Tommi Mäkeläinen (coding, design). The project was supported by Tampere University of Applied Sciences Foundation.

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